“We have been using Enviro-guide for many years now. From the day we started working with them to now, they have never failed to meet or exceed our expectations.”
Tom Wright, Jr.
Service Director
BECS Pacific, Ltd.


Enviro-Guide, Inc. provides, Bulk Solid Waste Disposal Services to handle everything from routinely generated bulk solid waste to certified product destruction projects. We work with transporters who are fully permitted to transport federal and state regulated hazardous waste, as well as non-hazardous bulk solids. Our comprehensive roll off services include sludge, filter cakes, contaminated soil, and construction debris.

Enviro-Guide, Inc. will deliver the roll off bins for you to load or we can load them for you. Our bins feature closable and non-closable styles with top or side loading access. You designated account manager will meet with you to determine which size and type of roll off bin suits your needs.

Our account managers are trained to troubleshoot all environmental service issues and will create a customized program that will ultimately improve services and minimize cost. No matter the project size, we will find a custom service plan that works for you.

Enviro-Guide currently provides the following Bulk Solids Transportation and Disposal Services to our clients:

Non-Hazardous Class II or Class III Waste

Asbestos Containing Material

Construction Demolition Debris Recycling

Contaminated Soil, Recycling & Disposal

Solid Hazardous Waste

RCRA Debris (metal bearing wastes)

Filter Cakes

Metal for Recycling

Certified Product Destruction


We also provide specialized vacuum services, transportation and disposal of clarifier waste water, tank rinse residues and contaminated ground water.

When a service call is received our experienced service technicians assess the customer’s unique requirements and respond quickly with safe and efficient waste-water management plan. Many customers take advantage of our exclusive service plans to maintain their sumps and clarifiers. This is not only cost effective, but helps ensure regulatory compliance for sanitary sewage discharge requirements.

Enviro-Guide, Inc. services many industrial customers and reclaims thousands of gallons of waste-water every year. The water is treated, purified and sent to treatment facilities for re-use when possible.

Enviro- Guide’s vacuum truck services include:

Clarifier (sump) cleaning and maintenance

Car and truck wash sump/clarifier cleaning

Underground storage tank removal and pit dewatering

Underground storage tank cleaning

Portable storage tank cleaning and disposal

Construction dewatering for non-potable water

Pumping of food grade sludge

Hazardous materials spill clean-up and emergency spill response

Waste water management

Storage tank steam cleaning and decontamination

Separator sludge

Oily water

Non-hazardous water

Non-RCRA water

Wastewater analysis

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