“We have been using Enviro-guide for many years now. From the day we started working with them to now, they have never failed to meet or exceed our expectations.”
Tom Wright, Jr.
Service Director
BECS Pacific, Ltd.

The degreasing and cleaning of manufactured parts and tools is a continual task for many businesses. In the past, the disposal of contaminated cleaning material of any quantity was relatively easy. Today, industry is much more aware of the effects untreated waste may have on ourselves and our environment. This is why Enviro-Guide Inc. continues to develop cost-effective ways to meet the changing needs of business.

We provide a complete turn-key approach to the everyday task of parts degreasing and cleaning.


Enviro-Guide can provide a variety of parts washer units selected to best fit your needs. Many sizes, features and cleaning solution types are available. Please contact our customer service department for additional information.


Machines may be purchased or leased depending on customer preference. Enviro-Guide offers aqueous – based solutions that will be customized to meet your needs.

New Cleaning Solution

We provide ONLY brand new cleaning solution on every service to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the units.


Our service is tailor made to fit the unique needs of each customers operation. Clients will sit down with their designated account manager to design a custom service program that will enhance your company production.


All Spent materials are recovered for recycling and or disposal in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. Our program is specifically designed to reduce liability exposure by providing manifest tracking and regulatory reporting.


As with all of our services, we always strive to develop environmentally sensible solutions that will impact your business in a positive way.

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