“We have been using Enviro-guide for many years now. From the day we started working with them to now, they have never failed to meet or exceed our expectations.”
Tom Wright, Jr.
Service Director
BECS Pacific, Ltd.

Enviro-Guide, Inc. was founded to fill the gap between fair pricing and good service. We had seen too often that a shiny new truck and a big corporate name often boiled down to the quality of the route driver arriving at each account. A company’s reputation is made based on the quality of that driver’s interaction with the customer. Typically, he is not well educated, committed to the job, or vested in polishing the company reputation through his work.

Our success in customer service at Enviro-Guide exists because we man the gate between route driver and customer. Even when using contracted services, it is an experienced, dialed-in, Enviro-Guide representative that meets the truck and provides liaison with each customer. We manage the manifesting and paperwork. We manage the waste movement. We make certain, even as drivers might change, that the conduct of business is routine and professional. We offer one point of contact, one call to make, one bill to pay.

At Enviro-Guide, we hold partner contracted companies to high standards. We insist on professionalism and punctuality. We run down the research checking insurance, licensing and training. We keep our customers happy because through our onsite liaison, we are predictable, responsible and available.

We operate out of San Dimas, California. Though we are a small company, we have the ability, through our network of relationships, to handle significant growth and that is our ambition.

We are happy to begin discussion on ways that we might be able to work together to add value to the service you already provide your customers. For along with Waste Management, we provide training, regulatory help and document preparation to our customers. We realize that these activities are often a distraction from the business that makes most companies successful.

Enviro-Guide, Inc.
Customer Service
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